Rega Reference Power Cords in A Naim System?


I am moving from a Rega system to my first Naim system. I have three Rega Reference power cords that are left from the former system. Do they work well in a Naim system or would I be better with the standard power cords that come with the Naim components? Comparative auditioning is not possible. My system will be set up by my dealer when they deliver it.

Spendor A4
Hicap DR
Rega P9 ( retained from old system)

Let the dealer set everything up, then try switching between power cords - either individually, or all at once.

Let your ears decide - assuming that you hear any improvement.

Have the dealer set up the system with the Naim power cords.

You can swap in the Rega cords yourself; nothing could be simpler than swapping power cords. Really!

If UK based, you’ll receive 3 x Naim powerline lite cables, one for each new component. I would use those.

What Rega units are being replaced by Naim?


I’m in NYC.


SuperNait3 replaces Rega Elix.
CS5si Replaces Rega Saturn Mk3
Spendor A4 replaces Rega X3
ND5xs2 replaces Apple AirPort Express.

I am keeping the Rega P9

Personally I’d use the Rega power leads, purely based on the Rega no nonsense approach which is very like the old Naim approach.



@Bart Disability precludes easy change of interconnects and power cords.

I’m sorry to hear that and I wondered if there was more to this . . .

I don’t think anyone can tell you definitively what you’ll hear, in your system.

The Rega Reference Mains look nice, and I trust Rega generally to provide quality products. I’d have the dealer install those to get you started.

@Bart thanks

In that case, the leads will be “off the shelf” leads suitable for use in the US. But nothing bespoke or custom made. Use the rega ones.

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