Rega RP10 and Superline - RCA phono contacts

@Richard.Dane, Sorry to continue.

It seems that Lavender DIN to DIN IC can follow this as both channels are in a single cable. However, SL is two cables which are bonded by the outer covering. I suppose both have a ground shield, but only Naim know.

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I don’t know about the construction of the SL interconnects Phil. Naim would know for sure.

@Richard.Dane, I only asked as I seem to remember you providing this information in a post. So I guess I need to email


I didn’t realise the RCA plugs on my Super Lumina RCA to DIN IC were easy to open. So it appears that both the screen and the signal ground are soldered to the outer body of the RCA plug. Of course DIN is a mystery to me.

Does anyone understand cables enough to know the effect this brings? The Rega doesn’t seem to have three wires perhap indicating that screen and signal ground are the same.


This is what my dealer fitted to my Rega P9.
I don’t know what cables are used on the RP10, but the ones on the P9 are quite thick.

MArco :cowboy_hat_face:

An enjoyable read Richard, your experience reminds me of my recent one where my LP12 just lost that engagement that used keep me putting on record after record. I didn’t have the locking RCA collars (aro BNC’s) but pulled apart every thing to try and find the problem. In the end, the only thing I hadn’t done was replace the 13 year old felt mat that I was using and presto, the magic was back. All the plugging and unplugging, fault finding and cable dressing also probably helped things when the main culprit was found but this all goes to show just how sensitive and revealing our naim active systems are.


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