Rega. RP8 or new P8?

A dealer has an RP8 with cart at approx 1k pounds less than a new P8.
Apart from the gamble on used kit, what does the extra 1k get me?

I don’t know the RP8 but just had a demo of p8/Apheta 3 vs P6/ania and I was blown away by the p8. Don’t forget Rega do a package deal if you get the Apheta 3 with the TT.

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Yep, thats the comparison. Rp8 apheta 2 vs P8 apheta 3

What is your phono?
After the turntable, the phono stage is the most important. The cart comes just after.

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Where does my RP 10 with Apheta 2 fit in? Is it considered below the P8 Apheta 3?

Rega fono mc.
The comparison I’m looking for is RP8/aph2 vs P8/aph3.

Difficult to answer unless you have heard both I would think. A little like my question. The latest version is ging to be better in some way, I just need to understand in what way for the increase in cost. Similarly the P10 must be better than than the P8 or why make it?
For me it is about justifying in my own mind the difference in cost against any gains heard.

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Only Kuma preferred the P8 vs P10. I have not found comparisons. However the 10, with its ceramic platter and big power supply, I doubt it is inferior to the P8 .

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I’ve been told that no, they would still choose the RP10 over the P8, all else being the same. Apheta 3 though on an RP10 could be very interesting…

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Is it not possible to have a listen? One person’s ‘big improvement’ will be another’s ‘waste of money’. I’ve read that the Ania Pro is as good as the Apheta 2, so maybe that with the P8 is a third way. A key determinant will also be the new small size vs the more ‘normal’ previous version.

That was my original way forward but then this apheta 2 combo popped up.

Listening though is not going to be possible. I’m not about to travel on a plane with the Covid, and 3 day trip driving over for a listen might test Mrs Bruss’s patience. :slight_smile:

If you can afford the P8/Apheta 3 then just get it. If it feels too expensive, then get the Planar 8/Apheta 2. Just do what feels right. One can over think things.


Overthink? Moi? How very dare you. :slight_smile:

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Thanks Richard, I guess it is hard to really know unless you hear them together in the same room/system. At least I can upgrade the cartridge to a 3 one day if I feel the need. Another question is how good is my phonostage compared to the Rega one ?,I use a Musical Fidelity Nuvista Vinyl, which was recommended highly by the dealer I got the deck from.

One other question to add into the mix, something which my wife is much better at taking into account than I am: compromising on quality against cost has previously left me thinking ‘what if I had gone for the better option’…something which is always more expensive in the long-term.

As for the P8 or 10 question maybe also see

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Hi,I did just that and ended up going for the P10,it arrives tomorrow,can’t wait.


You will surely love it, I love my P8, have fun! Unpacking it is already a joy, do it slowly and give it the admiration it deserves :slight_smile:


Hey hey hey! :grimacing:
I preferred P8 over RP10. ( sorry Richard! :slightly_smiling_face:)

Not P10 which I have not heard yet!

As for RP8 vs P8. For sure the latter is much better. I never cared for the RP series Regas always sound a bit paled next to a Sondek. But the P series tables bring some fun back in to my ears.


That’s OK Kuma, I haven’t heard the P8 or P10 yet. They must be very special.

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