Tried the 7x to go with my PMC Fact 8s. Worked well. Rounded everything out and brought more depth. Decided to order a 9 x due to the size of room. Looking forward to it. Paley.


Not wishing to be a party pooper, but isn’t the T/9x underspecced for PMC Fact 8?

REL Acoustics themselves recommend a single S/812 or a pair of S/510 for these speakers. (There is a speaker pairing page in their website). Looking at the specs, the Fact8 frequency response goes down to 28Hz, whereas T/9x states -6dB at 27 Hz, so you might not get that much improvement.

Mind you, I am currently trying out a T/7x with my twenty5.21i, which is what REL is recommending.

You will be amazed at the general improvement in soundstage, as well as the lower end. I have two 9s with my 20.21is.

Two subs are far better than the sum of their parts. I would never settle for a single sub in a stereo system again.

My speakers are about the same frequency response as the Fact.8. I am using a pair of REL S/510, and even the upgrade to them from older R-328 provided a very significant improvement.

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Single T5x with my PMC 20.26s driven by my modified and significantly improved over non modified MF Nu Vista 300. Set subtly too. Can tell if it is not switched on.

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I’d suggest you start out with a single S/510… You may find that’s all you need…

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100% agree. A speaker like that should start in the realm of the S series.

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