Rel crossover and gain

Anybody know, the low frequency point on focal sopra 2 is 28 Hz,is this the roll off I’m setting up rels subs and the crossover has click knob going from 20hz to 120hz looking at rel setup they say 15click seems a bit high any suggestions i am knew to subs they are the S-812 i have 2.

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Not that it means much for your room and setup, but I have the following:

Dynaudio Confidence C2 Platinum, -3db @ 28Hz
Pair of REL S/510, xover is 4 clicks up from 20Hz, gain is 9 clicks, phase 180º

You can try that as a starting point I suppose (not phase, you have to set that for your setup according to instructions).

Didn’t your REL dealer help you set them up? That should be part of what you paid for.

Thanks yes i have the phase set it’s just the roll off rel make it sound easy but it’s difficult to hear it very subtle changes with the clicks maybe i need a second person at the listening position for setting it.

Having just done this with a single BK sub, I’d make the following observations:

You can get close to where you need to be fairly quickly
REL advise setting the crossover low - I realised eventually they are quite right
I tried a range of albums and sources to get to a happy end point with the gain just a short way off the lowest point and the crossover is now at its min 40Hz point which sits well with SBLs I have
I’m not sure if you need someone else, as it’s your ears that need to be happy
It turned out to be a surprisingly good addition to the system, since so many instruments had hidden bass notes and now everything sounds better.
I tried an app to be scientific. In the end, you know your albums and your taste in sound so trust your ears.

Good luck with your set-up and enjoy!

The other part of it is that the RELs take a couple hundred hours to run in, and the settings may change slightly as they do. I got mine in January and am still making minor adjustments. I have been playing with xover at 3 clicks and gain at 10 clicks.

Also as REL states, people to set xover too high and gain too low, but it’s the other way around that’s likely to result in better integration.

It really helps to have someone assist with changing settings while you sit in your listening position.

I have a miniDSP microphone and REW software. One of these days I am going to take some measurements, mostly out of curiosity, to see if what I like is similar to what I might have set by measuring.

Yes i think i have the crossover to high i will try lower settings but you are right i need to run them in aswell .Thanks for your help.

I have went back to 5 clicks on crossover and 9 on gain sounds a lot better now so i will still need to put hours on them and adjust again later…Thanks for help.

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You could always take the guesswork out with something like the very useful (and free) REW software, just needing a measuring microphone.

Wouldn’t do any harm cheers.

The miniDSP for about $100 seems the be the standard bearer for a good measuring microphone at reasonable cost. That’s what I have, along with REW. Now I just have to take some time to figure out using it (I have a M2 Macbook Air).

I presume that is the UMIK-1? Yes, it is the one REW recommends, and can be bought secondhand for about 2/3rds - 3/4 of the the new price - and easily sold on for minimal net cost if someone has no further use for it.

Yes, that’s the one I have. I bought it new for about $125 shipped. I don’t imagine I’ll get rid of it. Maybe I can use it as a conferencing mic on my work Mac? Hmmm.

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