REL subwoofer connection

I think this question was raised on the old site but can anyone tell me if you need a special cable made up to wire a REL subwoofer to a Nova for high level connection via the speakers?
Am I correct to presume this is the only method for high level connection?

The high-level cable should be in the box with the REL, well they used to include it a few years ago.

TBH though there’s no easy way to use the high-level cable, as there are no speaker binding posts requiring unsightly connection the speaker end. Just use the low-level input from the Nova, if it doesn’t give you enough output use a y splitter into it.

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I have a 250DR and a pair of REL R-328. I don’t know about the new Uniti series, but the high level cable that comes with the REL is not recommended for the classic amp speaker connectors. REL make a more expensive cable with the correct electrical network on it for NAIM amps, but I just connect from my speakers binding posts to the RELs with a high-level cable. I’m not sure what you mean by unsightly connection at the speaker end, but mine is tidy and mostly hidden out of the way.

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That will look messy if using stand mounts (doesn’t actually say what there using) is what meant, if it even reaches that hight when on stands (that length certainly wouldn’t), and looks messy in the photo too, sorry just my opinion! though you have done a good job hiding it .

It would look very messy if placed a meter or so to left or right, I know my other half would have something to say about it if she could see from the chair. That connection by naim will also limit placement options due to length (i believe it’s only available to a certain length). Also He/she might not be able to place them so close to the speakers due to timing issues and just plain inconvenience. When on the uniti series theres just an LFE/low level input that can be utilised opening more placement options. BUT having said that the high-level sounds the best.

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