Remote control app ndx with third party preamp


Could a Naim streamer control a third party preamp with the app ?

There is remote output and option to use them on ndx nd5 in the app. It is possible to control the volume setting for an other preamp ? Is it’s dedicated protocol or a standard rc5 one ?

Can I plug a preamplifier with rc5 in ? How to use it ?

I’m not aware of other brands that use a similar volume control to Naim’s System Automation, so I think the answer is no, if you want to use the Naim app.
The ND remote control can work the volume on a Naim preamp though, so might possibly be persuaded to control some non-Naim preamps, but don’t take my word for it.

Anyone’ have already tried it ?

The remote function is just send via jack cable and rc5 protocol. It’s seem to be possible but can’t try it myself.

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