Remote Control DAC-V1

Is there anyone who can help me adjust my remotes (DAC-1/252) so they operate individually.

I use my V1 as a headphone amp but I’ve noticed when it’s not in use the 252 remote alters and source.

Maybe place a business card in front of the DAC-1 Logo. Remove when you want to use it :slight_smile:

Harry said exactly that so I’m going to take a stab and say you’re related. :rofl::rofl:

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The old lady should be able to help you out :sunglasses:

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From an old post by David Hendon…
If you have an NDX and a legacy Uniti then they do use the same Narcom 4 remote and out of the box they are both set to use the same IR code.

But you can easily change one of them (either of them).

Turn off the product you want to reprogram. Then you turn it on again and when you see the splash screen (eg Uniti) show up on the green display, press simultaneously and hold for a second or so the following three keys:

Aux, i and 9.

(Could be any other number if you prefer).

Let go the three buttons after a second or so and now the product and the remote will be paired differently to your other unit.

To return to the default, you do the same thing as above but use the three buttons Aux, i and disp

This used to work for me with a Qute and 252 - hopefully the same would work for your DAC-V1.

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The DAC V1 doesn’t have a 9, Aux or i button. :thinking:

The 525’s remote has a 9, i (which I think is the info button) but doesn’t have Aux. :flushed:

Does the VAC-V1 have a remote?
Sounds like you need to find the right set of commands for the 252 remote to change its IR codes. The Aux button is one of the source buttons (or was). I guess the remote must have been updated since I had mine. I assume the intructions would work as the 252 is booting up.
An email to Naim support?

Yes, the V1 is supplied with a remote. You need it to navigate the menu on the front panel display even if you don’t use it for volume or input selection.
Presumably, altering the codes used on the 252 remote would be the solution.

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