Remote control for NDAC

Does the NDAC come with a control? I just bought one secondhand and was wondering if the lights behind the buttons can be dimmed using a remote.

Many thanks

No it doesn’t come with a remote. But, you can use a narcom 4 ( I think) in pre mode to turn display off, by holding button down a bit longer than it takes when turning pre display off on pre. Logo and sync light will always be on. Same remote can be used to select inputs as well.
Also, an older Apple TV remote will work the play, ff, stop etc when using a docked usb drive.
Hope this helps.


@Pmc1979 as @nitrous says you can use the Narcom remote. 7,8,9 and 0 on the Narcom are inputs 1,2,3, and 4 on the nDAC. Holding down the display button turns on and off the display.


Watching this with interest as we have an nDAC incoming.

We have a remote control which came with our 272, and the same remote model for our SuperUniti. Can this remote be used to control the nDAC? If not it seems naim have moved on from the narcom 4 to the narcom 5 - does a 5 work with nDAC?

The remote control which came with my NAIT XS2 (which I believe is a Narcom5) works with the my nDAC. If you happen to own a Harmony remote control you can also use the profile of a Naim amp/ pre-amp to control the nDAC.

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Do you need the system integration cable between nDAC and pre-amp, or do the buttons 7890 work the nDAC without that?

No need for a cable between nDAC and amplifier. The nDAC can directly be remote- controlled.

Brilliant thanks everyone for the info.

So seems once we get a 252 we will be sorted (as it will come with correct remote) and in the short term we could source a used narcom to control the nDAC if getting off the sofa once a day to change between tv/music is too much of a chore! :smiley:

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@IainO yes that will be perfect, effectively the nDAC becomes a digital extension of your analogue pre amp. Only thing is with a 252 you are probably on the road to an additional psu on the nDAC!

Yes - we already have XPSDR on 272, it will switch onto nDAC with the same long term aim of changing out for a 555PS.

Excellent, sounds like you have it covered! Enjoy!

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