Remote control function / shortcut?

I like the hefty metal remote that comes with the 552 but it doesn’t have a “repeat” button. Is there a way to access that function, perhaps with a button combination?

Sadly not, if you refer to the heavy billet remote:

The command is available on the Narcom-5 (4?) remote which should also come with a 552 (as I understand things).

Thanks Happy Listener.

Yes, I refer to the heavy billet remote. I use the Narcom for the repeat function but it seems a bit daft having both remotes sitting there. I like using the heavy one but I guess there is no way around either putting it away or keeping both to hand.

FYI, I don’t use my R-Com at all, as I have an elderly Flash unit which IIRC came with my pre-loved and relatively early model 552. Aside from opening the lid on a CD555, this does the many CD functions I need (inc Repeat).

Many lament the passing of the Flash remote unit - I think it was phased out due to evolving reg’s/contained metals which nowadays cannot be used.

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