Remote control mains sockets

Opinions and recommendations please.
The best suggestions please for remotely turning hifi off/on… for Hi-Fi that doesn’t mind being turned off that is :wink:

A timeswitch.

A time switch is too restrictive… I don’t have set hours for listening :wink:

How remote are you? The sustainable option is to go via the mains switch for the HiFi on the way from your sofa to wherever you are headed next.


Active speakers… so you don’t need to kneel down and reach round the back.

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I know someone who is disabled & uses them.
Outside of that I have no need & wouldn’t go near them,
Amazon has a good selection

Ok I understand now! When I used to have electrostatic speakers, I did just reach behind them and operate the switch on the mains socket.

I don’t know of any suitable remote controls but I am sure others will. I would worry a bit though about the potential effect on SQ. why is it ok to have some tiny relay thing on an active loudspeaker supply when you have to pay £500 for a special mains cable for a Naim unit?



I use them for lights, but haven’t trued on hifi. The ones I gave seen (and have) are very cheap, so simple to get and try, and if the have an adverse effect they can be relegated to some other duty.

Another approach could be a separate mains circuit: Either make up, or have made up, an extension lead with two good quality sockets, running to an outlet convenient to reach. Or have a permanent circuit installed with an isolating switch at a convenient position.

There are plenty of 3KW units on ‘the river’ or ‘dqd’ from a tenner to score. Whether they affect SQ I don’t know; I suppose that’s my question. They all have a relay inside but this is simply a switch and I’m sure the resistance of this relay is better than the tiny, thin wire in the plug or equipment fuses!

I’m thinking something simple for SWMBO… if she has to start reaching for mains wall switches then it’s starting to get complicated; bless her! :wink:

Do you use any Alexa devices as I believe you can get compatible devices which can be activated by voice control if required.

Nope… no Alexa. :wink:

I had a load of lightwave rf stuff in my last house. I didn’t try the sockets though but the lights were decent enough as was the software.

I’m not sure on your current setup but would a power save plug work? Google “Energy saver power down plug.” Essentially they have a master and a slave socket. When the item on the master socket is put into standby it turns off the slave, when the device on the master is turned on it turns on the slave socket.


Never heard of such a plug though, tbh, it might be more useful.

I had a look on google and couldn’t find a mention :frowning:

How about a smart plug that you can control via your phone, tablet etc.


Should be one made by EON on amazon fairly high on the google results. It would require a device in your system that can be put into standby when not in use, but it would require no effort, switches, controllers or anything extra to press to get it to work. Simpler the better was my thinking, plus you don’t have to have Alexa or any of the other unwelcome guests in your home.


arrr… yes. An interesting product which, tbh, would probably be a better solution. pre-amp on, speakers on, pre-amp off, speakers off.

I’m not clear as to how low the power output would need to be to trigger standby. or if there was an inactive (but not off) component, how much of a jump in current would be needed to activate the slave item.


I also can’t seem to find specs for current/watts etc… either. I like the concept but I’m not sure… they seem to be recommended for things like tellys, dvd players so low power, less fussy, equipment.

I’m using the Innr switches that will integrate with Philips Hue.

Great for the Xmas trees and also our display cabinet lights which inconveniently don’t have a switch on them.

They are rated at 3kw and have been reliable so far.