Remote control pairing is not possible

Hello ,
I am French and use a translator for our exchanges…
Thank you for your indulgence…

My problems :
We have just purchased and are trying to put a Naim Uniti Star into service
We installed and connected the hardware yesterday, and unfortunately were not able to finalize…

We are currently stuck with a frozen message on the Naim screen telling us that the pairing is complete, underlined by “Next” which we are unable to change…

  • Next, on screen = not possible.
  • Next on remote control = not found (tried all the buttons… Nok…)

Nothing tells us any more on the paper “doc”, nor on the Internet (Naim Site), if on other sites!..

Are you aware of this problem?

What do you think ?

Best regards.

Have you installed the Naim app?
Is the Star connected to a router or switch ( connection Ethernet filliaire) ?

You need to use your phone or ipad;

Then set up a new device; your star.
Watch from 3 minutes, but your star must be connected to the internet.

Short version;
Install Naim app
Swipe to see this screen; click on “setup new device”

Click on atom/star/nova and follow the prompts:

Starting with pairing the remote which you’ve already done;

Good evening,
Thank you for your answers.
I have downloaded the Naim app and am using WiFi. (Enabled…)

I have just done this several times and am stuck with a “location service” problem.

I’ve reviewed everything but nothing seems blocking me…

=> I took several photos, but the forum does not want to accept them, because I am new!..

Unplug the Star from the mains ( wall or powerblock) and plug again some minutes after.
If not resolved, try a factory reset.
Good luck

Also try shutdown and restart router

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