Remote for DVD5

DVD5 remote doesnt work - Naim cant help - is there an aftermarket one that works
found this on an internet search
NAIM N-VI - replacement remote control

You want an AV Narcom like this one;

It came with the DVD5, n-Vi, and late models of the AV2.

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thats what i have but it doesnt work - where can i buy one or an afternarket one as Naim are no help nor their Aust agent

Well, I’m not surprised there as it hasn’t been offered new for probably 15 years now! Your best bet is to ring round some of the older Naim dealers to see whether they have an old handset tucked away somewhere, or look for one secondhand. They do crop up now and then on places such as eBay.

I have no idea about aftermarket handsets, sorry, but I guess if one is being offered to work with an n-Vi, it should work for a DVD5 as well.

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