Remote for Uniti Serve

Hi, looking to possibly buy a Uniti Serve without the remote.

Does anyone happen to know if the Uniti can be used with this Naim remote?

Any other options?


Naim had a dedicated server remote which was supplied as standard with the HDX, but only as an optional extra with the Unitiserve as most users wouldn’t use it. Many of its functions would be no use as there is no screen.

The N-Serve app for iPhone is usual way to control the Unitiserve if you’re going to use it as a player via its digital output into a DAC.
If you use it as a server, you would just access music on the Unitiserve via the client streamer controls.

If you’re not an I-phone user you can control the ripping process via Desktop Client on a Windows PC; if you have an Android phone and have a Naim Streamer you can playback via the Naim-Focal App using the streamer to read from the U-Serve; and if necessary you can plug a mouse and screen into the U-Serve itself to playback via the digital output into a DAC. I’m pretty sure nobody would need a specific remote.

The last remote with a keypad on it, extremely usefull in my ns01 days, and missed since it can also be used as a preamp remote on the oldpreamps. So no most buttons could be used. The new remotes with the few buttons and the battery hungry behavior is not really a step in the right direction but you learn to live with them. Using 2 on a mixed 332 nd555 system does not make it better.

If you use a remote you cannot browse your music unless you hook up a computer monitor to the server. I find it hard to believe anyone would use such a setup when you can just run N-Serve on an iPhone or iPad.

Can I suggest you possibly don’t buy the serve?

It was barely modern tech when it came out, and its not beyond obsolete.


I bought the Unitiserve at a very low price, and no remote at this point.

Anyway, I’m getting this response from the n-Serve app. (No servers found).

Any ideas?


Does it show on the network? Check in your router.

If not then do you know if the last person had a fixed IP set for it? Naim used to have an IP tool to enable you to reset it. have a look for that

If this does not work, then its probably borked.

I’ll have to check whether it’s shows up on my Motorola router.

Also, I have no idea if the person before me had a fixed ip address.

Not too computer savy. My laptop doesn’t have an ether net port, so I’ll take it to friend who can probably help.


Why do you need an Ethernet port on a laptop? With the Unitiserve connected to your router via Ethernet cable a laptop will be able to connect to it via WiFi.

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Hi Quad.

In terms of the various connections:

Ensure your unitiserve is connected via an ethernet cable to your router.
Ensure you Laptop is connected to the same network via wifi (assuming you have not really touched the router this will be the case)
If you have an iphone down load something like Net Analyser. This will scan your network via your phone and show you all the connected devices. See if you can see the serve, I cannot remember how it presents itself sorry but it will have a name. Someone here might be able to help

If nothing then naim used to have an IP tool. Download that and run it, it will hopefully show your serve, you can then turn it to DCHP, then restart and hopefully it will now show on the network and in nServe.

If not then things will get more complicated and frankly its not worth sending it back to naim for the price they will charge

Thanks, I’ll check again. Didn’t see it on Wi-Fi.

And gari, thanks for your information.

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