Remote functions for the Nap 152xs

Hello, I just purchased a Nap 152xs. What functions on the preamp does the remote control. The remote I have only controls the volume, is this correct?

Volume, mute and scrolling through the inputs. I’m not sure about balance, try yourself, it does work on the 202 which is quite similar. Make sure to press “pre” button to set the remote to control the preamp.

I have the older uniti remote , it looks different from the pictures of the remote that comes with the Nap 152 xs

![IMG_4367|375x500](upload://mKdHJxu7M2uk2GBVxujoFPP3Jfz.j peg

I was referring to the latest Narcom 5, sorry.

You do not have the correct remote for the 152 by-the-way. Narcom 3 and the Narcom 4 are the correct preamp remotes. As mentioned above you need to select ‘pre’ to get some off buttons in the right mode.
There isn’t a balance control with the 152.
Pressing and holding the ‘disp’ button will turn of the input lights, logo will stay on.

Give me a few minutes and I’ll photograph a correct remote.
Edit: photo added, both remotes.


Thank you,

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