Remote In port - rc5

Hi there,

The manual doesnt say much regarding this port other than the command it supports i.e. rc5 - has anybody had any luck using this with third party automation. I just finished a arduino based ir extender that switches inputs based on a 12v trigger - ideally i would like to use the port on the back opposed to emitting more signals.

Kind regards, Emil

Emil, the RC5 port has been used successfully in the past on a number of 3rd party automation devices. I would guess that so long as a device supports RC5 and is configurable for changing code sets then it should work. Your dealer or Naim support should be able to supply the RC5 codes that Naim use.

There are a few threads from the past that are helpful – search “rc5” here on the forum.

Hello All - went through all I could find on forum and web and no real clarity here. I just finished my Arduino switcher and right now it is sending via IR Led and working perfectly - will remove Led and wire straight to 3.5mm with tip being positive - will revert back on whether it works or XS 2 is now more :slight_smile:

You’ll need the specific RC5 codeset numbers from Naim that they use for each function (presuming your controller’s RC5 codes can be customised) as there are a number of different code sets to get around conflicts.

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