Remote In socket & Remote Out socket. Please explain

So with the risk of showing my ignorance about remote sockets.

On page E8 in the manual for Nait XS 3 it says “The Remote In socket can be used for RC5 remote control of the NAIT XS 3 via a wired connection or a remote IR repeater.”

ND5 XS 2 has a “Remote output”

Am I right to believe that you can connect ND5 XS 2 to XS3 and thereby control XS3 remotely somehow?
I cant find any explanation in the manuals.

Someone care to explain this?

If you connect the two with a cable and enable system automation in the app, you can control the volume using the app, or switch inputs on your amplifier. It’s very simple. A wire costs hardly anything and setup takes two minutes.

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well thats just sweet. :grinning:
Thanks for explaining this to me.
The manual seem bare minimal to me. Is there a another more deep diving manual for XS3 or ND5 XS2?

In addition to HH’s input, if you go to the interactive manual in the Naim website ( and scroll down to Support), enter System Automation in the Search bar for an overview and guide.

I’m pretty dim and it took me two minutes without reading any instructions whatsoever. If I can do it anyone can. Just get the lead, plug it in, select system automation in the app and off you go.


Great, thanks for showing this to me.

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