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I have just unboxed the beautiful remote that came with my 552 after never being used (552 purchased 5 years ago) as I wanted to use instead of the ND555 internal volume control. Imagine my disappointment and frustration to find that it does not work! (Yes, it has new batteries, and they are the right way around :slightly_smiling_face:)
Anybody any ideas?
I did call Naim but their solution is to purchase a new one for £500 (I was half hoping they would just stick one in the post at cost after the £100k + I’ve spent with them over the years, but alas no… where did the Naim of old go? :face_with_raised_eyebrow:)
Appreciate any advice from anybody who has also had similar remote issues!

Go and talk to your dealer. They will have far more influence with Naim than you have. If there is a deal to be made then they will be the makers.



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Yes, no doubt you are right. Ultimately it would have been the same revenue to Naim just to offer that themselves, and would have endeared the brand more to me. Have to say somewhat disappointed… but not the reason for the post. I was hoping there might be some simple fix. Wishful thinking no doubt ! :slight_smile:

I suspect it’s something simple, like oxidation on the battery contacts. That can be quite tough to remove even on top quality gear, but you have to be quite rough. Anyway a dealer would know what things to try and have a discussion with Naim if needed. Electronic components don’t normally fail in a box.


5 years … a bit more I suppose? Warranty should be 5 years if you registered it, no?

What is the internal volume control on the ND555? The digital one that you shouldn’t use?
You could use the system automation with the RC5 cable from the ND555 to the 552, or not? Then you can use the ND555 remote and the app to control the 552 volume. Some people will tell you that it is bad for SQ at 500 level, but Naim doesn’t, and in any case the cable is cheap and you can try, at least before you spend 500 on a new one.

(by the way, appreciate Naim’s humor here to charge 500 for the remote of a 500 series unit. It’s like the 1 british horsepower wattage of the Statement)

I would get in touch with your supplying dealer. I’m sure they can arrange for Naim to take a look at your R-Com.

p.s. I thought the current price for an R-Com was just over £400, not £500.

If you use system automation you’ll be able to use the app to control the 552 volume knob. It will cost about £2 to buy the necessary wire.

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Thanks is guys - will resort to the system automation for now. My dealer is coming over this am to deliver a new PS, so will discuss with him also.
Thanks for the advice!
Great weekend to all!

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