Remote Muso control from windows computer

There have been occasional comments about the fact that the Focal-Naim app does not have a Microsoft Windows equivalent. I have found a neat alternative to this with the Logitech media Server installation. It is not the only option but I can confirm that Logitech Media Server or any of its client players can send UPNP ( “upnp bridge” plugin) from its music collection including internet sources such as radio. It does support high quality 192KHz wav and can convert other sources to this standard if required. Note that Logitech Media Server does not have to be running on any specific host because it can be interfaced via html browser anywhere on your internal network.

Setting LMS up is not the simplest thing but there is a good active and helpful forum.

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Windows 11 has android support. You can side load the naim app if so inclined.

Has anyone actually got the Android stuff to work on windows? I have tried a couple of times and failed miserably.

Yeah sure, but not from micosofts effort. I used bluestacks. To be honest its fun to see that it works, but quite honestly my phone is usually by me so I just use that.

I have Bubble upnp server running on my NAS and creating an OpenHome instance of my ND5 XS2 lets me use Linn Kazoo on my Windows laptop to control it. If nothing else the laptop is usually on a coffee table in front of the sofa so it sort of acts as a screen for the streamer. And the benefit of an OpenHome instance is that I can use Bubble upnp on my phone to play to the streamer and the display on the laptop updates at the same time.

I also use LMS, having had Squeezeboxes in my system for many years (but no longer). Currently I have several ChromeCast Audio discs as well as Naim streamers. The common denominator is ChromeCast. In addition to a plug-in for UPnP, LMS has a plug-in for ChromeCast. You can even configure it to get gapless playback. On the source side, LMS has plug-ins for both Tidal and Qobuz.

I don’t generally use ChromeCast for my Naim devices, but I know it works via LMS.

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