Remote pairing with Atom - Can someone help a newbie please

Ok, I made the plunge a bought (invested) in a Uniti Atom.
It arrived yesterday with a pair of Focal Chora 826’s, all good so far.
Unpacked and in position.
As soon as the power is connected the screen boots up and eventually ends up at the welcome screen asking to pair with remote, 3 seconds , 50mm away etc etc.
That’s where it all goes a bit pear shaped, I press the ‘home’ button on the remote, lights go round the nav buttons and then all lights go out, welcome screen remains on the Atom.
I’ve tried disconnecting the power on the Atom … nothing
Batteries out and back in on the remote … nothing

each time repeating the procedure as described on the welcome screen

Do you have the Naim app installed on your phone, and can it see the Atom for setup?

You do press it for 3 seconds or more, yes? Sorry for silly question but in a past thread someone said “oh” when this was asked :slight_smile:

I would try with the remote actually touching the Atom and try pressing the button for much longer than 3 secs.

Taking the batteries out of the remote doesn’t reset it incidentally.

You could try factory resetting the Atom. The instructions are:

Press the Play/ Pause and Input buttons on the front panel while powering up the Uniti Atom . Continue to hold for 5 seconds. Release the Play/ Pause and Input buttons. Wait for the Uniti Atom to complete the factory reset and go into Stand-by.



Thanks Robert

I have the app installed and thought there may be a work around, I was able to connect to the unit (I could see the app had found the serial number) but it fell over when it tried to update the firmware

Retried on the iPad but no joy, I got stopped at the same point


Yeah, you name it, I did it 3 seconds, 4, 5 etc etc

Thank you though

Interesting David, thank you, the unit is a reconditioned unit so it may have been a demo, I’ll try that, standby …

No joy I’m afraid David, the unit just defaults to the welcome screen.
I have an action logged with the help desk at Naim, hopefully they can sort me out without returning the unit, that would be a pain.
Thanks for trying

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