Remote problem? Or something else?

Anyone seen this issue before?..

Every week/10 days my 252 decides not to respond to the remote control. Amp still functioning fine but all lights off and no remote control. Can manually control and select all buttons on the amp so assume pre-amp functions are ok?

Turn SCDR off and back on again and all is well for another few days.

SCDR? SNAIC? Burndy connections etc?

Have tried different remote, changed SNAIC.

Advice appreciated

Interesting issue; do you have a TV screen nearby or above the kit? What about any low voltage lighting? Any Sky box or similar? My initial thought is to wonder whether something is interfering and locking up the 252.

However, when you say “all lights off” do you mean that all illumination on the NAC252 is extinguished? Even the logo? That may indicate some other issue. Maybe @NeilS can advise on possibilities here…

Hi Richard,

If indeed the unit is entering “display off” condition on its own & locking up, I would concur with your spurious IR theory.
Worth removing all sources from the environment (TV screens, CFL/LED lighting etc.) and blocking off the IR receiver (logo) on the 252 with thick cardboard for a 10 day period as an experiment.


Seems strange this aberrant behaviour should suddenly start with no other changes to the local environment.
I assume other Naim units continue to respond to the remote OK?
The fact that re-booting the unit cures the problem suggests an intermittent or software issue?

It seems worth remembering that we do not know this for sure. Toon didn’t mention, and it would not be a surprise not to consider, in this context, that something like a Sky box (as Richard suggested) maybe changed place or whatever. It could even be a new mirror :slight_smile: I certainly would not have mentioned something like this either

Thank you everyone for the advice and comments. I will spend some time experimenting by turning a few things off over the coming days. The good thing is that the functionality of the amp and Supercap isn’t affected - they still do what they’re supposed to…but the remote loses functionality to the 252 - interestingly my NDX remote loses it too. That results in no green lights operating or any buttons pressed manually too. But the green Naim logos remain lit at all times. Do the 252’s panel electronics get power by the snaic or the burndy?
Could it be the snaic connection? I’m quite new to Naim and never know wether or not to use the locking collar or loosely leave the din connection coupled? Advice and thoughts?

Hi Toon,

The Snaic carries the power for the front panel.
Are you using system automation?
So are you saying that the NDX locks up completely & needs to be power cycled?


No, the NDX is fine but when the scenario happens the NDX remote control won’t control the 252 volume either. It normally does. When the SCDR is powered down and up again all returns to normal.

Ah, ok - with you.
I’d go ahead with some experimenting to rule out any external influences & take it from there.


Thanks Neil. Will do.

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