Reopening closed threads?


I think it helps if let him know which one you want to re-open…


I’ll message you…

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Hi Richard. I was curious about the fate of the “We’re doomed, American version” thread that I started last week. Did it get political?

Clue: if disappeared… :sweat_smile:


But I’m crushed! Crushed, I tell you…

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Inevitably, yes.


Rather a shame the CV19 thread disappeared as there were some intelligent contributions and to be blunt there were times I learned as much from it as I did from the media.

But it is so nice to have a forum that is designed to be family friendly and politics free

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It’s meant to be a straight comment - the CV19 thread sailed very close to the acceptable wind - but there were some worthwhile and well informed comments

It is meant to be family friendly - hence the occasional saucy image that gets taken down.

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