Reorganising my collection stored on my Uniti Core

My primary music store on my Uniti Core has become very disorganised with duplicates and incomplete metadata. I cannot find a Naim recommended utility which will help with music catalogue reorganising which preferably can run on the Core. Maybe there is a pc based solution which supervises the Uniti on my home network. Suggestions please?



Check this post and in particular references to “songkong”. (See section 2.4)

The only interface you can use with the Core is the Naim app. The relatively limited options it offers for metadata management are all you’ve got to work with.
The exception to this is the Downloads folder, where you store any files not obtained by ripping CDs. You can access this via a computer and do whatever you want to it. One possible option would be to move all of your CD rips from the Music folder to the Downloads folder. You can then do whatever you like to them.


And now getting java virtual machine errors.

Might be chatting to the developer.

That might be the way to start, and if I can get SongKong to work perhaps it does the sorting? Thanks.

As a Unitiserve user I soon found that storing my rips in FLAC was the way to use and manage them in a flexible way, so I converted all my CD rips from WAV to FLAC. On the Core this option, bizarrely, is missing, and SongKong is, in effect, a workaround for that omission.

Hopefully - Naim have plans to improve the features of the Core. I can’t be the only one whose stored music is in a mess.

Do you have a usb for backup as I do? (or other backup)?

I stream locally, so no nas. Anyway, if it were me I would see if the backup has been affected by attaching/viewing on a laptop.

Also, occasionally I will see and play what’s on my Core’s internal hd, but on my laptop, through its music program.

Might be useful to see the music and files from this perspective.

Also, have you tried unplugging the Core for a few minutes, then restarting?

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