Repair or scrap?

My 8 year old Super Uniti needs another repair. The first was a year ago (the LCD readout died) and now, the right channel no longer produces sound, and for some reason the remote doesn’t work (and it’s not the remote control). My previous Naim CD5 transport died after around 4 year of use. And, in the US, repair is really tough. The last time, I had to ship it cross country to Focal Naim (who are based in Canada) and it took a month to get it back. AVOptions doesn’t service SuperUniti. For a high-end brand, I have to say I’m disappointed with the quality.

I’m debating whether I try to sell for scrap, or send it back to Focal Naim.

Any thoughts appreciated. Thanks!

Maybe the exercise is whats the value selling as spares or repair on eBay vs selling fulling working and serviced. If the cost then to repair would see you make more/breakeven its possibly worth it but if not maybe cut your losses. Either way you maybe best to move this unit on and get something else. I have heard a few reports like this about the SU.

Wonder if it’s worth trying an amp connected to the SU and see if the fault lies with the internal pre or amp of the SU.

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