Replace 282 with 332/250 Non DR or add 300 DR to 282?

Have the itch to upgrade my second system. I thought of putting my 552 on the 250 non DR I have but am keeping that in my main system. Used prices on a 300 DR are really good right now but I am wondering if I should keep my 282 and add a 300 DR amp to it or replace the 282 with a 332 and keep the non DR 250. I can’t do both. My sources in the second system are an LP12 and an NDS. Speakers are Wilson Duette’s v.1.

Any reason why you haven’t mentioned 252/SCDR/250DR as an option?

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NAP300 or NAC252. Your choice… :expressionless:

If it’s A or B, I’d say that a 300DR may just show up that a 282 isn’t the last word in subtlety.

I have heard 52 and 82 with 250 and 300DR.

Best is 52/300DR of course - that’s what is playing in Wimbledon now. Least satisfactory was the shouty 82/300DR, but 82 and 250 are doing great work in a second, less resolving system down under.

An 82 is not identical to a 282 or a 52 to a 252, but there isn’t much in it…

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I’ve been looking for a 252 used but seem harder to find, at least in the U.S. Also would do a 52 but same thing.

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Then go with what you can get, more easily…

Don’t Worry About It…!!!

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If you are confident that one day you will have 52 or 152 or indeed 552 with 300DR, then it makes sense to take good deals on either as they come along. If you expect to be unable or unwilling to change the 282, then I wouldn’t change the 150 either.

On the other hand, every Wilson I have heard likes to be driven with vigour, and I don’t know how big your room is or your preferred volume, so an opinion is really only an opinion if you see what I mean.

I’d sell it all and get some new kit. :smiley:

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Notwithstanding that I haven’t heard any NC I’d go 300, works very well with the 282 particularly at low volumes.

Thanks @ElMarko I guess I had not even considered new stuff. But could be an option for me. I’d like to keep the NDS and LP12 but perhaps move on from the 282 and 250 and go for a NC 332/250 combo.

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The non-DR 250.2 is rather a marmite amp - having a bit of a slow over-warm aspect. The 250DR is a much more balanced and involving amp and the 300DR that much better again…

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Considering the NC range doesn’t sound like the Classic range, which one is better or not might come into it. You are likely to find you prefer the presentation of one over the other. If you prefer the NC presentation, the 332 will likely sounds streets ahead of even a 252. If you prefer the Classic presentation, you’re more likely to want to avoid the jump to NC.

I don’t think this is something you can really do on a punt unfortunately.

The comments stating the New Classic equipment is just different and not better aren’t going to age well.

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I’ve not said it isn’t better. But I have said better vs. worse takes a back seat to determining whether you like the sonic signature.

For example, if the Linn sound really turns you off, you’re likely to prefer a Uniti Atom to a fully fledged Organik system. Better vs. Worse is largely a debate to be had within a range in my opinion. When a person auditions several different brands of speaker or amp, for example, they think they are determining which one is better. Actually they are determining which one they prefer.

As to whether comments age well, I couldn’t give a flying stuff.

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I just like Naim gear. I’ve been on this journey now for almost 20 years and it seems like every time I try something new, I enjoy it for a while and then always circle back around to Naim. I really miss the days of being able to demo new gear. Now my only way to demo the NC stuff is to buy it, which is why I didin’t even think about moving on from the current second system to the new stuff.

I’ve enjoyed the journey in my main room to the 500 system I have there. There is a “dealer” in my state but you can’t demo anything, they just sell it.

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