Replace a 82 with a 282?


Would a upgrade to a 282 make much difference from a 82 ?.
Has the 282 preamplifier had any uplift changes since production, that anyone is aware of ?.


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I have an 82 with Supercap 2. I’ve had the 82 serviced and it sounds very very good with my system: 2 x 135s, NDS and 555PS, Linn Lp12.

From what I have read and been advised by dealers is that the 282 is a sideways move from the 82.

There are lots of different views. The olive series sound a bit different from black. They sound less neutral, I would describe them as warmer and natural. The black have a cleaner presentation and are more neutral. There is a noticeable difference.

Some of the benefits of the 282 are the AV bypass if you are using it with AV equipment for the left and right speakers and system automation.

The other thing is if you want your boxes to be all black, or Olive or Chrome Bumper.

I have a mixture of boxes and am happy with the 82.

I had a CDS2 with XPS and that sounded great. Very much like vinyl to me. I changed it to make way for an NDS and 555PS which has a more neutral presentation, more detail and is more revealing.

Part of me prefers the Olive to the black. Another part prefers black!

If I were to upgrade I would look at a 252 or 552 but that is dependent on finances.

Have you considered a 52 or 252 at all?

What’s the rest of your system? Maybe there is something else that might be better to upgrade instead of swapping an 82 with a 282.

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@Lucifer could help. He has or had both recently. Don’t remember which one he finally preferred.
If you go in the search part of the forum, you tap 82 vs 282 and you will find the recent threads on it.

If my recollection is correct @hungryhalibut made similar comments drawing on discussion with Naim staff.

Thanks for the replies.

I am using a Black Nap 200 ,Hicap, & a Napsc into Sbl’s. Mk2’s.

The source is a CD5 and Flatcap 2, so maybe as suggested stick with the 82 ,and look towards improving the source.


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I would stick with the 82 and maybe look at a 250 Olive to match. I had a 250CB and then swapped it for 2 x 135s CB. I love my amplification. Everything has been serviced apart from Supercap 2. You could also look at getting a 2nd hicap or go for the Supercap.

As for source I’d look at a CDS2 with XPS if you want to stay with CD format. A CDS3 with XPS DR is even better according to many. TBH I’d like to buy another CDS2 with XPS one day. I loved the organic, vinyl like sound.

A CDX with XPS or CDX2 with or without XPS are other good options

If you are up for changing to a streamer then the new NDX2 with XPS DR or 555PS is a good bet.

Very happy with my NDS but the new streamers work better with TIDAL and other subscription based music.

Depends what you are using the streamer for. I use internet radio and my NAS mainly.

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Thanks Dan,for your comments.

Lots of options, I will have a think.

I am not too bothered about having a matching system visually, but can understand people who might.


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Don’t bother.

Changing to a 52 or 252, if you stay with Naim, is a rather significant upgrade.

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If you are happy with the look of the 82, you’d be better putting your money into the source - a 282 is pretty much an 82 in a new case. As suggested a CDS2 or 3 would be ideal. Then look at either an olive 250 or a black 250DR. Either would be ideal with your SBLs.

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Definately not,
But upgrading it to 52 will make you a musical leap and a lot less money!

A NAC52 would cost more than a second hand 282, especially if you factor in a service for the 52 and Supercap (or 52PS).

They’ve really held their price well, when new in 1990 they were (I think) £4250. A decent, serviced, POTS8 example would give you some change from this now, but not an awful lot. (of course this completely ignores inflation)

I’d add a Supercap to the 82 and as was suggested above trade the 200 for an Olive 250.

@Bobthebuilder How much of an improvement would there be with a Supercap over 2x Hicaps?

I never used two Hicaps on my 82 I did though use a third party PSU that used both HC sockets and was supposed to replicate two Hicaps but sounded no different if you connected just one socket.

I had a bit of a strange experience with Olive Supercaps the first I didn’t keep because though it made a big difference it seemed to supercharge the parts of the mix that where already prominent so say you had a track with a prominent sax then it would make that sax even more prominent and louder.

The second one I had was a 52PS serviced and turned into a Supercap this was done sometime in the mid to late 00’s so around 2007 so wether components had changed I don’t know but it turned that 82 already a great pre into a fantastic one. I’ve bought and sold lots and lots of Naim gear including a 282/300 which briefly had a SC and my two favourite pre amps where 82/SC and oddly enough a 102/HC.

Of all the Naps I owned including every 250 the best was the 250 DR which beat the non DR 300 in my system.

So I’d probably go for synchronicity especially with those SBL’s 82/SC/250.

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Having owned several 250s over the years the 250DR was the best of the 250s but my serviced none DR 300 leaves the 250DR way behind.

I’m sure these things are room and of course speaker dependant and as we all know an amp and speaker combination can sound very different from one room to another.
I used to blame my speakers and then my room or both for the fact that I was never entirely happy, sometimes I’d get sublime sounding music then others it was rather ordinary sounding but as it turned out it wasn’t either the speakers or the room it was the amps.
Some speakers in some rooms just need lots power to perform properly that’s not to say that a lower powered amp can’t get them to perform because they can up until a point but there will be a point on the volume dial when things begin to fall apart.
There is a room somewhere where my Dynaudio Contour s3.4’s will sound incredible on the end of a 282/300 but they didn’t in my room and I chose to try to find an amp that would rather than speakers that matched the Naim because I really love the presentation of these speakers.

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