Replace Naim Cd5si by Cd5xs

Hello everyone
I have the opportunity to buy a second-hand Naim CD5xs from 2010 with the optical unit changed in 2018 in place of my CD5si player. Owning a Flatcap XS, do you think it’s a good choice?
Will the gain be audible?
Thank you for your answers.

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Yes definitely

Go for it :+1:


It will be day and night diff.

You will be very happy. CD5x underrated gem .

Hi @kchristtof, the CD5XS is the obvious CD player to go with your system. Go for it!

And if you can find a nice used nDAC, it would be an excellent further upgrade if/when funds allow.


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Thank you for your answers. I’m going to take the plunge, at €950 I think it’s good.
Also having a Nd5Xs2 I could connect it digitally to test.

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I’d ask Naim upfront, if they have a spare mech/laser in case anything happens.
Spares are scarce but I believe Naim somehow have increased their stock.

I was owner of most of the 5-range players as well as CDS top loader range back then.
Doorstop scenario got me out (and in with Rega), I hope situation has improved, Naim CD players, they are really nice sounding machines.

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If you have a ND5XS2 and want CD compatibility it sounds aa very good pairing

And you could connect both to an nDac (+ power supply) in the future :wink:

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