Replacement for N-DAC

I have been using an N-DAC [XPS] with an Audiophilleo USB S/PDIF convertor and Audirvana for some years now quite happily.

But this arrangement doesn’t really support MQA very well so I wonder what the upgrade options might be, does anybody have any suggestions?

The rest of the system is 202/HiCAP/NAPSC/200/Focal Diablo Utopias



Streaming hirez from Qobuz
Streaming Hirez from a server
Or buy an MQA capable dac, as Mytek, Meridian…is you want to stream specially MQA in fully mode.

As I understand it, Audirvana supports Tidal MQA, but if you want full support you will need to change the DAC for one that supports MQA. Personally I would ditch Tidal and switch to a Qobuz service which will give you lossless hires streams.

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