Replacement tweeters/drivers for In

Bit of a long shot, but are replacement tweeters/drivers still available? Were they custom for Naim or off the shelf parts?

I emailed the factory but given the shut down thought I’d see if any Forum members know.

For which speaker?

I guess it got cut off.

Intro 2s

I would doubt it by now and anyway, it wouldn’t really be worthwhile for Intro 2s as they are worth so little now. You’d be better off spending the money on a pair of Allaes or SBLs.


Thanks Richard. I agree but over here all models of Naim speakers in good condition are hard to find.

In UK there is a very helpful supplier who is knowledgeable about classic British speakers and may be able to advise possible substitutes if originals unavailable, called Falcon Acoustics. Google as a single word. No idea whether they would ship to wherever you are, but no harm in contacting them.

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Thank you very much

The bass unit was made by Naim - effectively a simplified variant of the driver used in the Credo without the heat-sunk pole piece.

The Tweeter was made by Vifa.

Also in the UK Willys HiFi quick google if Falcon won’t supply.

The Intros didn’t work out.

In a similar vein, are replacement tweeters/drivers still available for SBLs?

Last I heard from someone at the factory was that the SBL drivers at the factory were down to just a few pairs left now.

Of course, you can still buy replacement Scanspeak D2008 tweeters from various suppliers but they won’t be selected or matched by Naim. So long as the mid/bass drivers are the later much improved Naim-built ones, and they are in good working order then you should be fine and they should last you a very long time so long as not overdriven or damaged in some other way.

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Just to add to the above, it was a while ago now, so they may well be exhausted. Best ask your Naim dealer or Naim directly.

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