Replacing a pair of Monitor Audio Studio 2 SE speakers

I have steadily downsized my system over the years to an Atom, an Arcam Logo subwoofer and a 20+ year old pair of MA Studio 2 SE speakers.

The Atom was a big upgrade over a Unitiqute and I’m now wondering if the speakers would benefit from a change too.

Anything new needs to be of a similar form factor i.e. be able to sit on a 30cm shelf next to a wall and be less that 35 cm tall.

Low end bass is taken care of by the sub so clarity and verve are the key factors. I’ve always thought the MAs needed driving quite hard to get them to sing.

£1000 would be my limit. I’ve been looking at - but haven’t yet listened to - Dali Menuets, Audiovector QR1s and Neat Motive SX3s (available discounted).

However, am I kidding myself? The MAs were £600 in 1996 and very well rated. Am I really likely to be able to better them now for this sort of money?

Musica choice varies from the Prodigy to Verdi, and I listen to a lot of Radio 4 too!

I would add PMC DB1 gold to your list its a bit over your budget at £1150, but it would fit the bill in terms of bring on a shelf against the wall. Others i have heard have been stand mounted in open space eg Russel K 50 with a rear port…so will probably be sub optimal.

Neat Iotas spring to mind as a possibility. Lots of speakers, even small ones, are really designed to sit on a stand with space behind them, but Iotas are probably better than most if they must sit on a bookshelf.

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Have plumped for a pair of PMC Twenty 21s courtesy of Fanthorpes. Fingers crossed…

Hope they suit your system requirements, i like the PMC sound portrayal.

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