Replacing Nova with Atom HE and NAP 250

Goodmorning everyone.
I currently own a Nova coupled via NAC A5 cables with Neat Ekstra.
In your opinion, would replacing the Nova with an Atom headphone Edition and a NAP 250 Dr, as well as allowing me an excellent listening with a high-level headphone, would lead to an improvement in sound performance with my speakers and overall listening quality?
Thank you and I wish you all a happy new year in freedom from this bad pandemic and good listenings

PS:Sorry for my poor english language :relaxed:


Hello, I debated doing similar but decided to get the regular Atom since my speakers do not need a lot of power. Now that I have my headphones, I am looking at better equipment. On another headphone forum, one member finally got rid of other high end equipment because the Atom HE is just that good. He has Focal Utopias, and other good phones.

I’m sorry I do not have personal experience to share, I am sure more here do. But the Atom HE is regarded as a very good headphone amp. It would obviously be the same DAC to drive an amp you know and enjoy.

And your English is much better than some who speak it native. :smile: Happy New Year!


There is some info here that you may find interesting: NEW! Uniti Atom Headphone Edition – and streaming pre-amp! - #1469 by leatherneck

Hi and happy new year.

I’m afraid there’s only way to find out and that’s a demo. Certainly the 250DR is going to provide more drive to those Neats but what impact swapping the Nova for the Atom HE I couldn’t say.

This isn’t very helpful but I wonder if 2022 will see, at last, the much speculated 272 replacement which assuming it’s at the high level of the original would make a great pairing with the 250.





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