Replacing Powerline adapter

My existing system had the router in one room and the Naim boxes in another, at the opposite side of the house. I was unable to connect the two via Ethernet cable so had to resort to a powerline adapter. (NB: All the Naim boxes are fed from a separate dedicated mains spur)

Last week, I took the advantage of buying a used ASUS router (£25) from a friend and decided to try it set up as a Media bridge (client mode) where it acts as a Wi-Fi receiver and connects via a cable and switch to the NDX/NAS/Unitiserve etc.…… thus, I no longer needed the powerline adapter.

Well, apart from a noticeable improvement in the sound (more detail, more PRAT and a “smoother” top end) and a more reliable connection (the Unitiserve would occasionally fall off the network) an unforeseen benefit is that the Hi-Cap DR does not “mechanically” hum as much as it did before, even though it was on a separate mains circuit to the powerline adapter.

£25 well spent and Yes, I know, I should have got rid of the adapter a lot earlier!

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Good result. There is usually a better solution to getting a network connection without needing to use Powerline adapters, sometimes just needing a bit of creative thinking.

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