Replacing screen/display of an NDX

I do have an NDX ('14) where the screen/display is low or almost off. I guess it will be broken in a view weeks/months.

Is it possible to replace the screen/display by my self? If yes, where can i buy a new screen? And how much will it be?

And if it isn’t possible, how much will it cost to let it doing it by naim?

When my screen will be down, is it possible configure (the menu on the screen) my NDX by the naim app? Or will the screen/display be necessary?

I’m based in The Netherlands.

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Hoi rob-z, there have been a few threads on this subject in the last months.
Its expensive, in UK it has to go back to Naim, I expect same in Nederlands, UK price is £300GBP, I saw the same repair done in USA & that was $500USD
Its not possible to do any of the front display configuration in the app, so the display needs to be fixed.
The general consensus is the replacement screen is more reliable, & also its best to set it so it goes off (black) when not needed, I used to have mine set to go off at 30 seconds, but I now have it set to go off after 10 secs., its been that way since 2014 & its as bright as when new.

Ok, thx. Could you link me to the previous topic about this?

I always turn the screen off in 2 min. When fixt it Will be 10sec.

How is the ND5 Xs2 controlled? That’s a streamer without a display. Does it have a different app? Or is it possible to connect a laptop. or something like that, to configure the streamer? It’s only necessary when installed new in a setup.

The new streamers are all controlled by the app, and do not need the screen at all, which is why it was possible to produce the ND5XS2 without one.
You should talk to your dealer or distributor about screen replacement. In the UK there is a fixed price servicing schedule for work done at HQ, but it may be different in the Netherlands.

Any idea where the screens come from? This topic is far too frequent and happened to me too.

I would be interested in this aswell as it’s starting to fade completely.

I had contact with the importer of naim here in the Netherlands. You can’t do it by your self because it is a new display and the software must be updated for it.

The required software is in the later firmware versions including the current firmware 4.7 But personally I wouldn’t attempt a screen replacement myself, without full instructions on what to from Naim. And you need the right new screen of course.

Incidentally I believe the reason it needs new software is because otherwise the new screen displays as a mirror image, which would be just about workable and a talking point at least!



Hello @rob-z … Just out of curiousity, can you give me an indication about the cost, since I’m also located in the Netherlands.

@Klout10 €250,- kost dat.


Blimey that screen sure is expensive

Especially for one the fails so often. Not acceptable

The component could cost $200 or $1 but it still requires the same Naim engineer time to fit it. There’s no getting around the need to cover the labor cost. They don’t exactly let work experience kids fix the units.

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