Replacing the CDX2

In a topic I recently made, I elaborated my CDX2 had developed a ticking noise and thereafter refused to read any CD’s. It took a little while, but in the end, it turns out it’s indeed irreparable. The CDX2 is dead, long live the CDX2!

So, now I’m faced with the following challenge: I have a lot of CD’s I still want to play and an XPS2 that’s bored out of it’s casing.

I have a couple of options and wanted to ask your advice and words of wisdom on what to replace it with.

  1. A used CDX2, preferably newer and recently revised. Chances are these will still fail reasonably soon meaning this will be a potentially high investment, low yields option. Since these are also no longer being repaired, I’d be out of luck if that happens.

  2. A used CDS3, preferably newer and revised. The same applies as point number 1, of course. It’s just going to cost more and be and even worse investment. Not sure if these are more or less realiable than the CDX2, but they would make an upgrade, at least.

  3. A used HDX. This would be the one I’m leaning to most, due to the fact they seem to be able to be repaired, still due to the simplicity of their drive, at least. On the other hand, are they mini-computers with hard drives and software that could fail too and I’m not sure about current support, at least. The drive could be replaceable and I’m not even planning on using it to rip and play from the drive, but the OS would be required.

  4. Just a completely different bit of kit altogether and I sincerely wouldn’t know what. I enjoy the Naim sound, of course, and it would be nice if I could get a bit of kit that can be powered by the XPS2 and match the Naim black box aesthetic I have going on.

What would you fine folks suggest? Maybe something I’ve missed completely? Take the gamble on used?

Looking forward to your reactions!

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I would sell the XPS and put the cash towards a CD5si or a different make of player/ transport depending on what your DAC situation is.


Forget the HDX. It’s a nice looking unit, but it is all but totally obsolete. It uses an operating system that is no longer supported by Microsoft and if you get a hard disc failure, then it has to go back to Naim for that to be replaced because the operating system resides on the hard disc and Naim never supply the image to be installed on a new hard disc by someone else. It’s a very expensive service from Naim too.


From what I have read here, a CD Transport appears a great solution, folk seem to get great results from almost all devices across the price spectrum from lowest to highest, so, as ever, have a listen and you pays your money and makes your choice :grinning:.

ATB and Good Luck with the search, J

PS I wouldn’t buy another Naim CD player either, no matter how recent, Naim have moved away from CD’s.


Forget the HDX for the reason stated.
I moved on from the CDX2 in 2012, the Naim DAC with streaming from Audirvāna via Mac mini just sounded so much better.
Rip the CDs and get a DAC/streamer and some non Naim storage device/mac/PC.
Get a sufficiently low priced CDP but accept likely poor value.
Unlike with Vinyl (analogue detail) there is simply no sound quality argument for live replay of a digital file on a physical disk in 2024…… get the bits off accurately and find a modern digital player that suits.

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As a CDX2 owner (which is still working…), I think a CDT is probably the way I would go… :thinking:

Coupled to either an nDAC or a Naim Streamer, either of which could use an XPS…!


An NDX2 powered by your XPS 2 would be fine. You can rip your cds on pc and store them on a Nas.
You have also some more convenient solutions, like Naim Uniticore or Innuos Mini.


I agree with FR.
If you go NDX2 and add a CDT (I use an Audiolab 7000CDT), you still get the Naim sound signature from the NDX2 DAC and you have the benefit of a very fine Streamer whose sound will most definitely benefit from the XPS.
I have a system that gives me so much flexibility (see profile) and three source opportunities.
A friend of mine runs a Core with a 2GB Samsung SSD and that is excellent too.


If the OP still wants a cd player rather than a NAS……the Accuphase range are very good, albeit sound different.


A friend of mine has a 199*** CDS3 still working perfectly. And sounding fantastic.

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My CDX2 bit the dust as well. Selling the power supply and have a Rega ISIS on order.

If I was into streaming, I would probably get the NDX2 and a CD transport.

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Look out for a Naim DAC and start auditioning CD transports if you want to keep spinning CDs or get a Core and rip the blighters. Substitute an NDX2 for the DAC and you could do pretty much the same with added streaming.
That’s about it if keeping it Naim and using the XPS2.
Try a Belden 4974R if Naim’s DC1 seems too pricy but carful not to bend it too tight.


How many CDs is ‘a lot’? Have you considered getting a streamer, ripping the CDs and playing them that way?

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I replaced my CDX2 with an NDX back in 2014, never looked back.
I ripped my 500’ish CD’s using the excellent dBpoweramp to store on a Synology DS214 NAS.
The ripping was fun in that I learned a lot and very quickly.
I ripped a number of ‘favourites’ first so we were up and running with music, then over a few weeks or so ripped the rest as & when time permitted.
This opened up a bunch of floor and wall space and got rid of the unsightly dust traps that is CD storage.
I now have 2000+ albums, mostly since NDX bought in hires format and stored in a little black box the size of a medium handbag that lives out of sight in a cabinet.
But I do miss the terrier+rottweiler presentation that was the CDX2, it was like music in the mosh pit, but the more refined NDX is like the best table seat in the jazz lounge.


No sense to post on the forum any question related to CDP/T. Maximum is couple of the advices related to question.

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I’d definitely steer clear of any used NAIM CD players (flame suit on). I went the CDX2 > HDX > NDX2 route and couldn’t be happier. My 10 year old CDX2 started with the clicking, had it repaired but soon swapped it out for an HDX. The HDX started having HDD and optical drive issues. Had it repaired and swapped it out for an NDX2. If you must have a CD player (and I perfectly understand that) and it must be NAIM, then get a new CD5si.

I have about 600 CDs which I ripped mostly on my HDX but had to convert them from WAV to FLAC in the end. Ripping the newer 100-or-so CDs on my computer with Exact Audio Copy was a little tedious but I’m so glad I have them all on a USB flash drive now.

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With NDX 2 players seemingly going for good prices of late i’d be inclined to jump ship now and embrace networking/steaming while the going is good. It’s a fabulous player with no moving parts to worry about.

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To the OP, Boekster, my suggestion would be a variant of Option 4.

As others have stated above, Naim are unable to provide support for the CD players due to the parts supplier no longer manufacturing them. They just do not exist. I am in the risk averse camp and could not bring myself to buy another Naim cd player with the knowledge that should the mech fail, it’s dusty bin time. Chocolate tea pots are not high on my wish list!

Assuming you don’t have other components which can utilise the xps, I would off load it as soon as possible. I suspect that demand for the xps will fall away as time goes on.

You could do what I did and get one of the Innuous streamers which have an integral disc drive from which the cd’s are transformed into high quality digital files. Whilst I have done this with all my cd’s, I remain mindful that the statement is a glorified hard drive and (did I mention I am risk averse) it is only a matter of time before this will fail. It happens and the key is to have a very robust back up strategy.

Even with this, I cannot bring myself to dispose of my cd’s. I just have a strong preference for some form of physical medium whether cd or lp. May be an age thing, not sure! So for my main system I shall continue running with my cd555 and keep my fingers, etc crossed. For my second system I have created a bit of a mullet by acquiring a Luxman sacd player with the perspective that should the cd555 pop its clogs, I have a top quality player waiting in the wings.

The perceived build quality of the Luxman is very impressive - I was originally going to seek out a Rega Isis and would suggest either of these could provide you with a route forward, assuming like me, that you are not willing to place all faith in digital streaming.



I’m in a slightly different place than the OP in as much that I have a not inconsiderable CD collection and no wish to take the plunge into streaming or file based ripping/storage, my current CD front end is currently a CD5 XS into a Ndac which is powered by an XPS2 which all sounds pretty amazing to me.
Obviously I dread the error fault coming up on the CD5 and have thought long and hard on what I would do when the inevitable happens and it becomes a door stop.
There are an abundance of decent transports from the likes of AudioLab, Cyrus, Heed & Moon available all of which could replace the CD5 but I am now leaning more towards buying a full high end CDP.
So in my case I would sell the Ndac and XPS2 and put the cash towards a Hegel Viking CDP which by all accounts should be better than my current set up and give me something which appears to be built like a tank, looks wonderful and should be on par sound wise with my LP12.
Not sure any of the above will help the OP but selling the XPS and buying a dedicated standalone red book CDP from Hegel or any other manufacturer might be the long term solution if like me he has no interest in the streaming option.


From an ex CDX2/XSP2 user…
Beware, the CDX2/XSP2 had the most exciting sound I have ever heard from CD…so good, that, sometimes, it challenged my mid-level LP12 for musical enjoyment. This was a while ago, but I doubt that you will find another CDP that gets close. As always, my opinion only.