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Hi all - does anyone know how podcasts get added to the catalogue and how to request one if it’s not there? I looked at earlier posts and didn’t find an answer. Have seen some threads where people are requesting internet radio stations, so wanted to see if there’s a comparable process for podcasts.

Let’s ask @Stevesky !!

Does Chromecast work from your podcast app? Not to your NDX/UQ1 I guess, but second gen streamers should be ok that way?

The answer will no doubt depend to a large extent on who is providing the podcast, but in many cases I suspect your chances of a result are low. You’re probably better off playing on an iOS device and connecting it to a USB port on your streamer.

thanks all. had a feeling this was the case. another reason to update the streamers to something more current like an ND5XS2 and an Atom. I can cast podcasts from my phone to the Sonos / HomePod devices in the house very easily - that Airplay functionality really comes in handy

Hi @Maury_Finkle

What podcast series are you after?


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