Reserveable Parking Spaces

We have an upcoming visit to Cambridge coming up. Official parking prices are horrendous so looking at booking a private space (several online platforms are available for this). Does anyone have any experiences of using this arrangement, either good or bad? Basically we want to park up for 4 days and will not move the car until we leave.

Thinking out of the box, why not go on the train?


Visiting a National Trust property en-route. Would also need to drive to the train station and pay for parking and train connections to Cambridge are not great from here anyway (Shropshire).

Park and Ride, Cambridge has around 4

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Maximum stay is 72 hours so not long enough

You could move from one to another mid stay.


I’ve used Justpark on a few occasions for work - normally I would use the train but that’s not so easy when you have to transport a boot load of kit! Mostly it works fine, however, I did have one occasion when I turned up to find the space occupied. I contacted Justpark and they told me it was the previous booking who had overstayed. They told me to make another booking - not so convenient when you’re actually in the car trying to get into your allotted space - and they would refund me my original booking. Luckily I managed to get another space nearby, but it could have been a bit of a nightmare. I noticed when I returned to my car a few hours later that the car that had been in my allotted space was still there, so I guess the owner just didn’t really care one way or other. I think they just charge you extra but there’s likely no great penalty applied, which doesn’t seem enough to deter those not wanting to play fair. For all that, I would probably use them again if I had to.

I used Justpark for a bank holiday weekend in Brighton and it was fine. The system works very well but nothing can allow for scumbags such as the specimen Richard encountered.
I’d use it again.

Used NCP to pre-book and pay for parking in Edinburgh. The hotel offered a discount code (£15 for each 24 hrs). There were several places in the car park reserved for pre-booked cars. Worked fine.


The booking was actually a Christmas gift from our children so they never considered the parking. The hotel just says use the NCP car park nearby at the rail station and offers no discount. Did look at pre-booking it but not an option for this car park, presumably because it is heavily used by commuters to London. I have booked a parking space with JustPark as not many available in that area. Hopefully it works out ok.

Idea. Maybe Forum User parking club?

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Been using just park for about 5 years. Probably about 30 times and only ever had one sarcastic comment from a householder so I would recommend.


Used Just Park for the first time yesterday, for a sunny day out at the seaside.

Recently, the local car parks with close proximity to the seafront all reduced the maximum permitted stay, so this was a way round that, resulting in a leisurely day out, without having to cut it short early … and cheaper too.

Great shout, Richard, many thanks.

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Could try Cambridge North train station. It’s 24 hours and according to website you can buy a weekly ticket for £35.

Our hotel is near the main station so North is too far away. I have already booked a parking space nearby; hope it is easy to find!

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