Resistance loading options for SuperLine

I finally got around to playing with some variables with my SuperLine. Hardware: SuperLine (refreshed/capped by AV Options in 2020), SuperCapDR (new in 2019). TT is Rega P10 with Aphelion2. Rega recommend 100 ohm loadsing.

Right off the bat, the oem 500 ohm plug (not AirPlug) sounded way better than 100.

Our friend at Cymbiosis told me that indeed 100 is not a commonly-liked value for Rega and SuperLine. He made me 2 AirPlugs (not z-foils at this stage) – a 453 and a 470. He believes that overall 453 is often the “best” value for the SuperLine with Rega, while overall 470 has history at Naim. He pondered whether the somewhat more forward presentation of the P10 might benefit from 470 vs 453.

My wife and did a ‘shootout’ at home. About 5 different LP’s. Results - somewhat ambiguous.

453 is supposed to sound a bit more punchy and dynamic than 470. I have no problems with ‘punchy and dynamic.’ On Sonny Rollins “Way Out West,” 470 seemed a bit more forward than 453 however. Overall, over 5 lp’s, it’s kinda a toss-up. Probably will pick 453. :man_shrugging:

Once I pick a value, he’ll re-do with Z-Foil.

Any SuperLine users here who’ve also listened to different R values like this?

I’m told that the Aphelion works best on the supplied 500R plug against the 100R. The 100R though is better for the Apheta 2. Not sure about Aphelion 2 or Apheta 3 though. Nice to read that Peter is playing with fine tuning the values.

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I can confirm that Aphelion2 sounds WAY better with the supplied 500R! I used 100R with my RP8/Apheta2, but didn’t do a comparison.

This apparently has been a pet project of Peter’s for years. And it appears that he’s the only manufacturer of AirPlugs for SuperLine today. Chris W. States-side doesn’t have time and has been out of that business for a little while it seems.

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I got my z-foil Airplug via Naim. IIRC they make them to special order.

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I keep a 470pF plug, originally bought at Naim’s suggestion to help with radio breakthrough. It was nearly as effective as the 1nF but left the music a bit less sat on. Once the breakthrough issue was cured by other means I found that a I preferred 470Ω and 470pF to a 453Ω plug on its own when using a 17D3. Moving to a Proteus the 100Ω plug won out but changing from an Aro to a Schröder arm the addition of the 470pF plug was again beneficial. Now with an SPU Royal N I’m using 220Ω and no extra capacitance.

Interesting reading gents - thanks for that. Will test the 500R when I get back home from late-summer holidays.

Interesting, when we were playing with the Ortofon SPU Royal N at the factory some years ago, we settled on around 200ohms as being just about right.

This is all very much cartridge-dependent obviously.

Adam, which cartridge are you using? I was quite happy with 100 ohm with my Apheta 2, despite not having tried others. But it doesnt cost anything to pull the 500 plug out of the box or wherever you keep it :slight_smile:

I tried to order a 200Ω Z plug from Naim but 220 was as close as they could do. I’d been using the 220Ω standard plug and when the choice was an untried non Z foil 200 or a Z at 220 I went for the latter. The bass doesn’t seem lacking, nor the treble too much so it’s probably about right.

We were just fiddling about with some K cards and different resistors trying to find the best match.

I tried several combinations on my LP12,Akito arm and Benz Micro Wood SL.
Eventually settled for none at all. Just internal load of the Superline. Guess in my case less is more. :grin:

IIRC, the low output Benz MCs usually favour 47kohm, so no load plug sounds about right.

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