Resistance Superline


for my system consisting of a Rega RP 10 with an Koetsu Black Goldmine I am using a Superline powered by a HiCap DR. Perhaps some of you are using a comparable system.

Which resistance do you use? First I tried the 100 Ohm. In comparison to the 1k Ohm resistance it seemed to sound like a veil over the sound. Then I used to drive the 1k Ohm resistance. Now I have tried to put no separate resistance plug into the Superline. For me the sound is much more open. The high frequencies are brilliant. I like the sound very much.

What expirations have you made?

IIRC the Superline with no resistance plug is equal to 47Kohms. 47Kohms for MC is actually quite popular with many vinyl users, particularly Stateside, mainly because it does tend to give a more ‘airy’ and brilliant sound with a number of cartridges. However, other areas of replay can suffer a bit (depending on the cartridge, of course), usually in areas like drive, dynamics and timing. It just depends on what’s most important to you. But if you like it, and it works for your cartridge, then that’s great.

Interesting that you are using a Koetsu in the RP10. I have a Koetsu Black Goldline as well, but haven’t used it in a while and it probably needs a rebuild. I’d never thought about trying it in my own RP10 though.

Hi Richard,

for me the Koetsu in the RP 10 is a very good combination. The size of the Koetsu fits perfect to the tonearm. I have auditioned the turntable with some other cartridges and I was pleased by the warmth the Koetsu added.

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