I’m a bit curious. I noticed that if I tap on the top of my SN2 it really rings. I’d have thought with all the trouble Naim goes through to isolate things they would have damped the top cover at least a bit?

Naim may have decided that other resonances in the design were more significant and chosen to address those instead.

Rick, funnily enough that seems to be a part of the overall design. Back in the early days Naim used to supply a damper that fitted over the rear inner tray panel and which could be moved up or down to damp the outer cover top. However, most felt that the kit sounded better without the damper, so it was dropped. I can only guess that the propensity of the outer case to ring must act like a sort of resonance sink that then protects the decoupled circuitry held within.

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Thanks Richard.

Easy enough to test by placing various things (maybe a book?) on top of the case. I seem to recall someone saying years back that their amp sounded best with a CD case or two sitting on top.

I stand corrected. More precisely, I should have said that they noticed a difference in sound. (Hey, how do you leave an empty CD case on a 555? Doesn’t most of the top open up? The player is somewhat “self-cleaning” in this regard. Cable dressing may suffer from falling CD cases, though.)

I seem to recall a brief fad some years back in the States for the use of placing a hockey puck on top of the case. Adam may well recall more than I can here…

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My Supercap has the damper fitted. The case does ring slightly less.

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