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I contacted Naim support through an email about the temperature of my Uniti Nova. Basically in a room at <20°C when left in standby overnight the Nova is a steady 35°C, it’s hotter still when running. They claimed after I got it this was normal. I have emailed again as we are trying to be more conscious of using less power (extra solar panels and Tesla Powerwall) and I can’t help but see this as a 24/365 heater. Can anyone confirm that in standby it really shouldn’t be that hot?
Also anyone know how long it should take support to respond, it’s been several weeks since my last email?

That is not normal. My Nova on standby for a long time is not warm to the touch - just room temperature.

OTOH I do not have mine in server mode which might make a difference. Is yours in server mode?

Server mode will likely make a difference as all that circuitry will stay on in standby.

FWIW, it feels hot because part of it is like a computer and it uses passive cooling - i.e., the casework which is the heatsink

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When dark (i.e. solar panels off and the turn your Tesla off) are you able to use your smart meter to determine what power it is using?

Sorry, went for a beer and got back to all these.

The Powerwall isn’t fitted (lead time is about 9 months or something daft like that) but it will have a gateway so we can monitor power in and out, we will be on a flat rate through Octopus for net usage. It’s not like some battery systems where the in and out rate are different.

I am not aware of server mode. It’s connected via wired LAN to network, I have a Synology NAS drive too though 90% of the amp’s use is for my turntable. How would I know if it’s in that mode or not, if it is I am not sure it should be?

In the app under other settings

Can you monitor the power from your electricity Smart Meter? They usually show the Wattage being used, so you can then turn your device off and see the difference.

BTW Server mode under /Settings/Other settings/Server Mode

Good idea, it’s a big heavy block to maintain at that temperature so must be using a reasonable amount of power. Need to check how accurate the smart meter is.

Sorry to sound dumb but why would it be in server mode? It’s not something I have ever set.

I am not at home until the weekend so can’t check.

Though I have read about server mode now and see no reason why I would have it set.

Just check in the app once you’re home and you will know if it’s on :slight_smile: It happened to me that I tapped something unintentionally with a stray finger

Hi Stuart,
There was a thread in 2020 on it . You can find it in the search section.
« [Nova over heating in standby mode »
@Suneal solved finally it, but had to return the Nova.

Thanks both. It’s been like this from new, I questioned it then and got told not to worry it has an automatic cut off if it gets too hot as if it was normal.
I will search the thread thanks. I have been waiting a very long time for Naim to reply to my email about this, how would I contact them for a response if I want to return it?

Do you have your original Ticket Number from Naim Support? I can chase this up for you.

Other than server mode, another thing to check/consider is the rest of your set-up, in case something there is prompting the Nova to overwork. What speaker cable and speakers are you using?

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I will check when I get home, though there’s no reason to believe it is in server mode (unless it was set by the installer?). I read the thread about the person who needed their streamer card replacing and I’m most worried that it’s now 3 years old and as I was told it was normal when I first got it any repair would be out of warranty, even though it’s clear it’s been like this since new.
It stays at 35°C in a cold room in standby, it has cut out overheating when used quite loud. The speakers are Focal 926, the speaker cables were made up by the dealer (I can’t remember the brand to be honest) but they recommended them and made them to a specific length.
Thanks for replying I will try to find the original ticket as that’s the only one I got a response from.

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This may be something to check out further too, since there have been other owners with heat issues that were related to specific speaker cable being used.

Edit: perhaps one thing you can try is unplug the speakers cables for a bit and see if the case temperature drops.

Agreed. @airedog can tell you all about the difference switching cables made to his Nova.

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Original ticket 1-1-2489336

The cables were made for my Nova by a Naim dealer. Are you suggesting they’re defective?