Rest in peace

Old heroes are resigning. Some don’t get that old either. I have become known with many great musicians after their passing. Here you can give tips to new listeners.
In this thread we can pay our respects and reminisce.

Palle Danielsson put the bass dawn for the last time yesterday.

I remember him mostly for a member in Keith Jarrett’s “European Quartet”.

Instead of one thread per musician, we can do it like this.
Can be easier to search later.


Great idea @Chalshus :+1:


Agreed, a separate thread for each time someone toddles off is unnecessary.
Will also save Richard from merging duplicates.

On the one hand it seems a good idea, but on the other a new thread headed with the deceased person’s name catches attention when otherwise if not heard elsewhere would be missed at the time unless people look in this thread very frequently.


In addition, once the thread has a few people mentioned it’s going to become very confusing as to who is writing about whom. I don’t see a problem with what we have already. Dedicated threads give ample opportunity to reminisce and make recommendations.


I remember seeing him with the John Taylor Trio and with Kenny Wheeler’s Quintet. He was great.

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John Taylor and Kenny Wheeler are two of my favourite jazz musicians, both sorely missed.


Rest in pieces?

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Charlie Colin from Train have left this world.

I saw that. He like fell in the shower. That sucks

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