Restricted view tickets at concerts

Would anyone here pay good money just to be at a live event but not be able to see the artists? Is this just pure greed from concert promoters to get more bums on seats?

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We saw Elton John at the Royal Albert Hall in a position set behind the stage. We had a great view of him and the sound was good.

Seen many plays with resticted views. Saw Cate Blanchet at the National and some of the scenes were in a car and all we could see were the top of her legs from the 2nd floor balcony seat.

As long as they are up front about the view/position then you decide how much you want to see the show.

There are restricted view seats, but then there are seats being sold with no view at all by some well known artists.

No point in going to a Yuja Wang concert, unless you have a clear and unobstructed view!

This topic was discussed briefly on r2 last week or maybe the week before. Someone called in to say she’d seen Robbie Williams for a tenner, but their seats were behind the stage. I think they saw him once when he nipped back stage briefly during a break.

There are some bands I have seen so many times the gigs are more like social gatherings with fellow long term fans, as these invariably end with lots of time spent at the bar I could be interested. But for new bands I would want a view.

I have sat in the cheap sets behind the stage for classical concerts and thoroughly enjoyed watching the inner workings of the orchestra. I would certainly not want to sit behind a stage with no view at all at a non-classical gig; might as well sit in the car park! Also, the SQ would be pretty bad.

Saw Daniel Kitson doing Tree at the Royal Exchange in Manchester. Sat in the banquettes and so saw him at the start when he climbed the ladder and at the end when he came down.

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I once had a restricted view at an Andre Rieu concert. it did me a favour.

It might have been better yet, if there had been restricted hearing!

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