Returning to Naim

Hi Guys

I’m considering returning to Naim electronics after some years in the wilderness as it were.

I have a sizeable LP and CD collection so a top turntable is essential although I am open to transferring music from CD to a streamer should that be the best option with Naim.

Before I go through the process of arranging demonstrations at a couple of dealers (I’m also considering Vitus) I would appreciate your thoughts on which combo’s to consider with a total budget of 100K gbp.

Buying some components S/H is not an absolute no, but if I can squeeze a 10% or so discount off retail for new that would be my preferred route. Your experiences regarding that will also be appreciated.

Just for information purposes 35 years ago I owned the following system but sold it around 15 years ago and have missed it ever since.

LP12 / Geddon/ ARO / DV1t
52/250 X 2/ Naxo


Are you intending to retain your current speakers? If so what are they?

No new speakers to be including. I am in effect starting from scratch

With such a budget and no room constraints i am not sure what else you will end up except the 500 Series…
Am i understanding correctly that you want to build up a complete Naim system?

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It doesn’t have to be all Naim as such but obviously my enquiry here is about the consideration of a Naim biased system

My calculations suggest a full 500 series with say a pair of KUDOS 808’smight be beyond my budget

I’m with conlegno. With this budget, within the all-Naim universe you will inevitably end up with ND555 and a 555PS DR (or two), 552, and 500. Plus a Fraim. Possibly SuperLine and SuperCap if we keep it Naim. Leaves space for a P10 or LP12 and you are pretty spot-on in your budget.

Edit: Oh I misunderstood, speakers are included in the budget. I’d still go for the full 500 system and make up the difference with some second-hand pieces. If you don’t, you will always think about it


Starting from scratch I’d be wanting to know what my room acoustics were like and hence which speakers would work well in there. Some budget might be needed for room treatments…


See what develops on Monday, Naim have a teaser out for a new product release. “A New Dawn for Music” no less. There might be a drop in some of the used prices depending on what it is but with Naim’s taste for hyperbole since the Focal takeover it could be anything.


If i had that money to spend i would ask myself how far you want to go. Would you be content with a system costing less, knowing that there is ultimately something above it? I always see every system as a compromise (price, room, cables management etc) and what compromise one is ready to make is really a personal matter which is difficult to evaluate as an outsider.

Also, is it a consideration to start with the 500 Series and upgrading a box or two down the line as time moves on (you would still be above budget) but don’t have to spend it all at once?

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Whatever you do, don’t tell a dealer you have £100k budget! Play it smart with the right dealer and you could easily end up with 500 series kit at way less than RRP.

I had some brand new 500 bits but didn’t pay anywhere near new RRP but I’ve heard some say their dealers offer very little discount. I’d be looking elsewhere if that was me.

Find a good dealer first. Not sure where you’re based but travelling would be more than worth it if you can find the right one. They should be bending over backwards for a customer coming in with that kind of spend in one hit.


For your budget, I would be looking at a 500 system with ATC SCM50 or 100 passive speakers and a top spec LP12.

Good luck with your search and I am sure you will find something that is right for you.

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My thoughts since this is an imaginary game…

NAC 552 21,099.00
NAP 500 21,299.00
ND 555 w/555PS 20,999.00
Rega P10 w/Aphelion 2 MC 6,219.00
ProAc K6 Reference Speakers. 13,799.00

Opening salvo sits at 83,415 GBP retail before discount. …and you should be able to find some fine pre-owned units.

Plenty of room to add a rack, cables, interconnects, switches, NAS, ect.

I think you have the budget to get something nice…


missing a phono stage :slight_smile:

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And a server/NAS :grinning:

@Suedkiez @Svetty

That is why I added the following…

…if I was working on commission as a personal buyer I might research down to the last item with pricing. :wink:

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well yeah, but if you include a 7K TT, a phono stage is kind of required and not optional like a fancy switch. But of course the SL can be run from the 552 and 3K does not break the bank in this context

Good suggestion, now please make one to the original poster…


Done long ago

Great Job! :dizzy: