Reverse Cycle System Impacting Equipment

I’m seeking some guidance from the brains trust.

I recently moved into a new property and discovered that when I turn on the split system (inverter reverse cycle heating/cooling) it causes equipment to make a buzzing sound (not a hum) it appears to impact SMPS and linear PS.

My Naim Uniti Nova doesn’t seem to be impacted until a second split system is turned on.

I’ve tried different power points, cables, DC blocker, power boards which don’t seem to help.

This property is a rental as I’m currently designing and building a house, so installing a dedicated line is not an option.

Has anyone has a similar experience and if so, did you find a solution?

Many thanks for taking the time to read my post.


I’d check the earth on each of the aircon systems, the indoor and outdoor units share the same earth so should be a simple check.
I have Aircon and I have no buzz whether heating or cooling.

Thanks for the suggestion

Creating that much interference does seem to suggest a fault in the system somewhere.
However, if you are in the US, I’m not sufficiently familiar with FCC rules to comment on specifics.

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I’d get an electrician in to do some visual checks and measurements, particularly regarding what the loading on your electrical supply looks like with the Aircon running. Something is clearly not right here, given the effect on your system.

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I’d be asking an electrician to check out the A/C units power factor.
A unit with low PF isn’t good. Two units with low PF, double the trouble, at least.

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Thanks for all your replies!

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