Richer sound

I have a lower/mid range setup based on Superuniti 2 (Bluetooth version) connected to a powerline/ethernet LAN via TP Link ethernet adapters with a Unitserve server. My rp is a Rega P6, with Arnia mc cart, Neo psu and mc phono stage. Speakers are Dynaudio S40s with Naim cable.
I feel instinctivey that this is potentially a great system, but I’ve always hankered for a ‘richer’ sound. Interpret that as you will.
I recently invited a musician/music teacher to comment on the sq. Her verdict:- “lovely crisp and clear, but lacking warmth”. In a nutshell, my sentiments exactly!
I have enjoyed many hours reading the comments on this forum and am truely in awe of the knowledge and expertise of the contributers. Could anyone help me in my search for 'richer sound.

Since I don’t know what you want I can’t be sure but Harbeth speakers have been described as warm. I obviously love mine but I’m sure others will come up with some brilliant alternatives.

I am sure a Naim dealer could help you… :slightly_smiling_face:

Nothing To Loose.

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Isn’t it a shame you can’t push a loudness button and your troubles would be over. That very issue is what caused me to go down the Naim upgrade path. When I finally hit the 500 series it was acceptable.

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I suggest listening to Class A amps… different sound presentation to Naim but might well be closer to your ‘richer sound’ nirvana


I have more or less the same system, but using Harbeths (30.1). It is a lovely combination, but a while ago I had a Supernait3 plus ND5XS2 here while the SU was in repair. The SN3 was a real eye/ear opener.
Not knowing the Dynaudios, I would start with testing the Harbeths and then look for a Supernait3.

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Have you thought about a sub?

I use a very small REL Tzero in my second system. It really is not about chest shaking bass but with careful adjustment it gives what you might describe as a warmer or richer character. I have it working at a low volume and it seems subtle, but you definitely notice when it is switched out. Something to try, perhaps, but I’m sure you’d want to try it first to be sure it will do what you want.

Lower cost options come to mind are system/speaker supports, speaker positioning etc although I’m not sure they will change the character of the system. Speaker cables might-but I’ve always used A5 so will leave that to others. Then I guess you may be looking at speaker changes…




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You didn’t said which phono do you use?
What are the speakers cables?

Personally, my little experience with Dynaudio speakers, is that they don’t tend to be on the warm side. Not like for example Harbeth or Sonus Faber.
For your vinyl set up, a tubes phono would be a choice. Prices go up from Project to Ear Yoshino or other brands.

But maybe a cables change would be enough in your case. Chord for example.

I found Ortofon’s SPUs give a very addictive and richly full bodied sound, unfortunately Rega aren’t a good match. Though the N series will physically fit they want a higher mass tonearm than the rega, think 18g minimum to bring out the bass and they weigh nigh on 16g themselves so if you add in a bit of extra weight you’ll need a much heavier counterweight to balance around 34g.
Well Tempered decks have a richer sound than Rega but with plenty of life and the Simplex might be a good option if you can cope with manual cuing, like an old style Aro there’s no cuing lever only a fingerlift. Often paired with Dynavectors but maybe an Ania will work.

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Two solutions here. Both have been mentioned.

1 - add a sub.
2 - Supernait 3.

I don’t love Dynaudio speakers but they’ll give you what you want once they’re fed it.

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I would avoid Harbeth and go for Tannoy or Fyne based on my experience (SHL5 Plus). SHL5 Plus atleast are not warm. Instead they are forward, midrange focused and tough on ears. Workes great on some music (singer song writer etc) but sounds challenging on say rock/pop. Limited bass response too making them sound bit flat and boring. Depending on your preferences of course.


Are able to lose the TP link adaptors? Using ethernet over mains is best avoided and leads to noise, which may be affecting the sound. The SuperUniti has quite a heavy sound and it’s a bit surprising it sounds un-warm. Were you happy before you asked the music teacher for her views?


There has been a fair bit around the forums about the Ania being as you describe. Also unless it is an Ania Pro there appears to be inner tracking difficulties

I would try to avoid fixing the problem downstream if the problem is upstream. There is a tread in a different place where a similar complaint was sorted by changing to a Hana SL cart. I have found over the years that getting a Cart with the tonal balance you want is really important.

Phono stages are also crucial imho. Good luck.

richer soud

Thank you so much to all contributers in my search for richer sound.
I’m not in Zack’s ‘big bucks’ league, so I have to proceed with prudence. I’ve already taken up 'rooster’s suggestion and ordered some Chord Odyssey X speaker cables, but I’m positively salivating at the thougt of a SuperNait 3.
To put my situation in context, I reached 'two fat ladies in February, so in the words of the song,“I hanen’t got time for the waiting game”.


Do you find much difference in ‘richness’ between streaming and the Ania set up?

Having owned a SuperUniti2 myself, I’d say that it’s very likely the issue here. I was always underwhelmed until I added my 1986 NAP250. Bingo! Richness for sure as well as colour, depth, Soundstage etc… it went from unsatisfying to a proper Naim system. I’d suggest an alternative to the SU2.

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Would you recommend a Supernait 3 then?

In a word, yes. The Ania set up is somewhat thinner and brighter than other sources.