RIP Caroline Flack

I’m sure I’m not alone in finding this very sad, so tragic.

And we saw it coming, it could have and should have been avoided.


So much is wrong with this.

I would not recognise her as I never watched any shows she made.

I simply recall she had a domestic argument, whacked her precious boyfriend over the head with a lamp - he called the police (or ambulance?) and was taken to hospital and needed a few stitches.

Depsite the couple wanting to be together, and him not wanting to press charges the CPS decided to prosecute, conditions of bail prevented contact between the two, she unsurprisingly lost her job and I assume has now committed suicide.

Prospective PMs and their partners get away with ‘domestic arguments’ as I suspect most of us do…I’m not expressing that well but I suspect most couples argue verbally at some stage, then the dust or broken crockery settles and all is well again.

There’s genuine regular domestic violence which is abhorrent and stupid lovers’ tiffs that occasionally go too far.

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…and how stupid and insensitive are the broadcasters?


Domestic violence is complex, and we don’t have the facts. Ditto suicide.

Plenty of examples cause howls of outrage when a party drops charges, continues to be abused or even killed and the law is held responsible for ‘failing’ to protect them.

The role of public and social media in feasting on her case, and now her death I find particularly unpleasant.

All very sad.



I can’t help thinking that this Love Island type reality TV obsession with trivialising relationships for drama and ratings in place of authentic deep and meaningful human relationships is not good for the soul.


Papers will now remove their attacks from their websites and replace them with memorials full of praise, in the hope the connection between tabloid reporting and the effect it can have on its victims will be erased.


Tragic. Unfortunately the process of trangressing the law and subsequently facing due process is stressful. Not everyone copes with this - but the law cannot make exceptions for them if is to give fair justice to all.

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A sad story, especially with all the blame being scattered around. Not to mention the guilt her friends must be feeling. There is only so much support friends, family, and colleagues can provide. It appears that social pressure was as much to blame as that from the CPS. It’s all very sad.

Very sad state of affairs.
Social media and the tabloids have a lot to answer for yet again.
My thoughts go out to her family and friends.
RIP Caroline.


Very sad. Was a favourite amongst recent strickly winners.
Now the third suicide related with Love Island.

For my own part, it flags up many issues. From what I’ve seen and read it’s very apparent she had issues, I suspect her mental health was not great to say the least.

I see the CPS is getting some grief, however were the boot on the other foot and her boyfriend had cracked Caroline Flack over the head with a lamp while she was asleep and it transpired he had apparently assaulted two former girlfriends too, I would imagine the CPS would be vilified for not prosecuting, even if the victim decided not to press charges.

As to press coverage and social media response, well as ever folks should look at themselves I feel. If this stuff wasn’t bought, read, soaked up, viewed then maybe it would be less likely to be published.

In the end though, it’s all just desperately sad imo.


It is not that easy to make a call on these things. I have worked in this area and quite often the case that those who ought and need to get action taken do not want this to happen (in fact males are far less likely to want any action taken than females). Difficult calls and clearly it could be the CPS got this one wrong but we will never really know will we?
I think the ‘right’ reaction is deep sadness and certainly a good hard look at ourselves viz social media/press reporting and, as already said, our ‘supporting’ this media crap show. I hope that is one thing we can all agree on.

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