Rip CD Uniti Star


I have a problem with my Uniti Star on which I have tried a lot of things.

In practice, I can no longer rip CDs, nor even read music files previously ripped by the software to external media (SSD, USB keys).

When I try to rip a CD, Uniti asks me to configure a tray, and this is done without any problem! But when I try to rip a CD, a message tells me that there is no media available or that it is full!

I read however and without difficulty mp3 or wav files recorded on other supports not formatted by Uniti!

I have done a total reset which did not work.

Do you think that a reset of the music database could solve the problem?

Thank you in advance for your help

This may help:

Failing that, you should contact Naim support.

the command remains inactive - nothing happens.

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