RIP David McCallum

I can’t stand mosquitos. We try to sit outside on summer evenings to enjoy a glass of wine or Porto after dinner, but get driven back inside by the nasty little beasts. Nuff said.
Love the airplanes though …

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The Mosquito was the so-called ‘wooden wonder’.

The plane was built/fabricated by furniture makers, rather than aircraft manufacturers.


The Mosquito was always one of my favourite WW2 planes as a lad. Never made a model, but had a couple of diecast ones. I read quite a bit about it and loved that it was wood manufactured. but didn’t know the furniture makers bit. Thanks for that.

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Colditz and The Great Escape …


Yes and and attempt was made to replicate it for the Luftwaffe

It was foiled by the slave labourers who urinated into the glue.

All part of the war effort.

As a result of its lightweight, wooden construction and its twin Merlin engines, the Mosquito was faster than just about anything else flying at the time.

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You were not.


Didn’t they build a Night Fighter version of it with radar, to protect London from the night bombing raids or is my imagination running away with me…?:thinking:

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I don’t know the answer to that, but the 'plane would certainly be fast enough to have done that.

That’s because nobody saw him in it…

I’ll get me coat.


I wish I still had my U.N.C.L.E card! Think I was Section 7 too (maybe we all were).

Still remember my Mum ripping up my poster of Napoleon and Illya when she found a dirty mag in my room ( give me a break, I was 12)… it wasn’t even that dirty


I was going to mention that - also loved it as a kid.

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I lived in an unmodernised flat on a garden square in Earl’s Court during the 80s and 90s, and she moved in to the flat below us for a few months. I think she was trying to step off the celebrity lifestyle bandwagon for a bit. Anyway, I would sometimes bump into her at the door on my way to work, and she was very warm and down to earth - one time, she was chatting with a friend while still in her robe, sipping from a mug of tea.

Always nice to find out that somebody famous and glamorous is actually “real.”


Now I am very jealous!


Methinks the gentleman doth protest too much!!

I got to meet him when he did a play for our theater company. For some reason I couldn’t copy and paste a photo, but here’s a link.

If you check out the photo, you’ll also find Raul Esparza and Jim Dale who were in the cast as well. Also Jamie Harris, son of Richard.

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I never got a reception on my pen communicator, but it never stoped me pretending, and totally convincing the kid next door i was really talking to someone on my… fountain pen. I let him have a go with it but he got very angry with me when he found out it was only a fountain pen.


You could have asked for Channel D instead of Channel F.

Funny how we remember these things but not what we had to eat yesterday


RIP David McCallum, a fine actor indeed.

@Debs You fooled the enemy, therefore completed your mission. By the way, I am not sure why the spin off series wasn’t called The Woman From U.N.C.L.E. ?

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I had the Man from UNCLE car