RIP Denny Laine, age 79

RIP, and thanks for the great music…

Same disease that took my mom.


I am very saddened to hear that my ex-bandmate, Denny Laine, has died.

I have many fond memories of my time with Denny: from the early days when The Beatles toured with the Moody Blues. Our two bands had a lot of respect for each other and a lot of fun together. Denny joined Wings at the outset. He was an outstanding vocalist and guitar player. His most famous performance is probably ‘Go Now’ an old Bessie Banks song which he would sing brilliantly. He and I wrote some songs together the most successful being ‘Mull of Kintyre’ which was a big hit in the Seventies. We had drifted apart but in recent years managed to reestablish our friendship and share memories of our times together.

Denny was a great talent with a fine sense of humour and was always ready to help other people. He will be missed by all his fans and remembered with great fondness by his friends. I send my condolences and best wishes to his wife, Elizabeth and family.

Peace and love Denny. It was a pleasure to know you. We are all going to miss you.




Sorry, I have to ask: who are you?

He is quoting Paul McCartney, he posted that on Instagram yesterday.


RIP Denny


Denny’s track from the ‘Back to the Egg’ LP. Love this album. RIP Mr Laine.


Not to speak ill of the dead, ‘Mull Of Kintyre’ (which Mr Laine co-wrote with Mr McCartney) was a very low point indeed in the former Beatle’s output - almost as painful as the appalling ‘Maxwell’s Silver Hammer’ on ‘Abbey Road’, FFS!

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Shame on you - what a nasty thing to say on a tribute thread to Denny.

Mull of Kintyre sold 2.5m units and was No. 1 in the UK charts for nine weeks hardly a low point.


And it was utter drivel, judged by the extraordinarily high standard set by McCartney’s former band. The song doesn’t improve one jot with the death of one of its writers.

That might be true but perhaps that opinion could have been expressed in some other occasion. This thread hardly was the one to criticise the past works of a deceased artist.


This guy has form, I once posted I was listening to an Elton John album and it resulted in a diatribe reply against said artist. Anyway, 2.5m people loved it, plus I always enjoy Maxwell’s Silver Hammer (great ues of synth). RIP Denny.


Then don’t.


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