RIP Menahem Pressler

Very sad to hear of the passing of Menahem in London today at the respectable age of 99. After years with great performances with the Beaux Arts Trio, he got to a new solo career towards the end of his life with still some remarkable recordings……

A Titan has died….


He performed Beethoven’s Piano Concerto No. 5 with my youth orchestra back in the 90’s.

I did not interact with him, being a shy bassoonist, but I remember he was very kind.

And what a sport he was for coming to perform with our youth orchestra when he could have been performing with any major orchestra of his choosing. He was a true artist.


I believe that, very long Ito his retirement, he agreed to perform as soloist in a Beethoven Concerto (the Emperor?) in Berlin with the Philharmonlker, which takes big round objects (as Jim Hacker would have said).

A truly great artist and human being!


Thanks for the very many awesome Beaux Arts Trio performances and recordings Menahem. Bravo Maestro.

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I had the pleasure of seeing the Beaux Arts Trio at the Barber Institute Birmingham University in the 90s. They were sublime, it was a privilege to see world class artists there and at that time tickets were free.

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